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I am a father, husband and Christian.

I have 20 years of industry experience as a trainer, instructor and developer.  I like learning new programming languages and am currently working in PHP and Java.  Most of the work I do is delivered via the web.  I also spend alot of time in the db, designing and analyzing data that is consumed by the code written in PHP and Java.

I used to work in Coldfusion (cfml), but our company had stopped wanting to pay for Coldfusion server and has adopted the open source mentality (free is better, most of the time).

I do some front end development too.  That means building of web interfaces using technology like CSS, HTML, javaScript and javaScript library’s like jquery and MooTools.

I have been parts of large projects that have benefited from the use of MVC frameworks, such as MachII, Fusebox, Model-glue.

  1. Hi James,

    We have seen your blog. It looks like you have just started blogging and you love to do that.
    We are bunch of people who have just started a website based on Java. We are looking for some one who can work as admin for our forum and can write some good article which would be beneficial for all of us.

    Please let us know if you are interested in writing some article for us.

  2. thanks for ur review 🙂
    will u be interested in writting post for us if yes please let us know so that we can create id for you. blogging platform is the wordpress so u wont feel any problem. and also you would be able to work as moderator.


    • Yes, I would be happy to help moderate and post in Java blogs. My availability swings pretty wildly with work commitments, but if you are flexible, we should not have any problems.



  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your interest. We are in the process to separate different thing in different website instead of combining all the thing at one locationn. Please let us know your email id so that we can provide you more details.


  4. Dear James,

    I am a research assistant at the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven, Germany. The theme museum is located in maritime surroundings directly on the New Harbor, in 2007 European Museum of the Year. The museum concept is unique in that visitors are taken on a tour through history based on the biography of an individual emigrant. Ottmar Mergenthaler is one of these 18 biographies. The museum will open at the End of April a new wing containing more on the subject of emigration and immigration. For our new and extended exhibition we want to complete his biography with further photographies and documents of Ottmars family.
    Now I am looking for his family. Are you a descendant of Ottmar Mergenthaler? Or do you have any contacts you can forward to us? Thank you very much for your help and looking forward to your reply. Please contact me:

    Best regards,
    Katrin Quirin

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