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BOCES4Science Moderator

October 17, 2018

In one of my newer projects, I have taken on two systems that house different but related data.  The short of it is some of the content needed privacy and we could not get that on google sites site….. So, introduce WordPress.  We are using the popular blogging platform because it has a concept of privacy, at least of a pass-code to access a page or blog post.

Since WordPress is a blogging platform in its core, it has native commenting build into each blog post, um – er, i mean science kite page.   As the admin on the WordPress side, I get notifications in my email when people post to the page *blog.

Its ok, a little interesting.  I get to see if its real science teachers looking at stuff and asking questions or if its spam – of which are many variations.

I think to date, and it early in this project, maybe 10 comments about 2/3 real and 1/3 spam.

As the moderator, I can approve the comment, mark as spam or a couple other options too, but approve or nuke are the main two actions to take.


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