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June 26, 2018

My customer contacts me today saying, “can I edit the content on page bla bla bla”….. Which probably meant that they tried logging in and did not see where or how to get to the page with the content OR they forgot how to login OR…..

The first thing I had to do was find the page that she was referring to”.  Page bla bla bla did not appear in the quick links or under the main navigation options.   Finding the page turned out to be a little difficult.  I ended up searching on the site home page and finding a page on the site that seemed like the right one.  Using the bread crumb navigation, I was able to find the path to the file in question.

I drilled down to the page hoping I could see there who has editing writes to it.  Makes sense to me.  Find the page – find out who can edit it….. NOPE.  No dice.

Instead, I have to know the persons name, which I found by looking at the content in the page, and open the site admin area (since I am a webmaster, i can do this) – click on the site administrators link, and search the name of the person.

I found the account/person – then looked at the current rights of her account, what areas did her account have access to.  I ended up adding more rights for her.  I navigated down a clumsy path through the content, providing a couple check marks along the way.  When I was done updating the account privileges, I logged into the account to verify that she could now edit the page in question.

Overall, a little clumsy and poorly designed in that I could not find out who had editing rights to a particular page.  Instead, I have to know the person and follow that context/path.

Morals of the story?

  • School World design not real intuitive (for me)
  • Can’t determine who can edit a page by looking at the page
  • Must travel the path of site admin – accounts – rights to determine who can edit what
  • Log into an account after updating to ensure it is what you intended.
  • Bite the bullet and do this work – rather than assigning the account WebMaster privilege.

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