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Finalsite web site project

May 10, 2017

As we push into the implementation of our new web site, a few thoughts.

Our design phase is almost over.  Three iterations down and approaching the end, where we will “freeze” the design.  Finalsite will bring in a developer to *build out the site.  BTW, the vendor uses Coldfusion, a language I used to develop in ;).

Our site, even tho not build out, has been available to the site admins.  We have been able to log into the site as site level admins and see the skeleton site.  We provided site maps a while back, so when we log in, we can at least see that.  No real content yet and no real look and feel, that comes from the site build out.

I have been working in the constituent manager, group manager, news manager, calendar manager and the posts module.  There are all key pieces of administrative software.  We populated the site using a data sheet.  The vendor supplied this, along with some directions on how to populate the sheet.  I worked with our HR department and obtained current complete faculty information.  Once the date sheet was completed and uploaded by the vendor, we could start to work more with both the constituent and group managers.

The site has a concept of two different logins.  The first is the portal login.  This is for all the staff who are not admins.  We have 1100 staff, of which about 25 are admins.  Admin means content managers or champions.  Most of the staff will access the website and then login to the portal.  The administrators, content editors, will log into a different location on the site.

  • siteURL/login – for faculty
  • siteURL/admin – for content managers – admins

To create admin accounts, we go into constituent manager, find the account and create a second account, and admin account.  That account is linked to the portal account.  Once the admin account is created, it then joins an admin. group.  Finally, we go to the space of page on the website that the group would manage and change the access property from public to the name of the group.

  • Faculty = portal login
  • Admins = site login
  • Admins have a group
  • A page or space of pages has an assigned group

When a faculty logins in, they land on the portal home page.  The portal space tries to alleviate the public site from any kind of staff related information.  One of the goals is to keep employee information off the public site.  Rather – put that in the portal and do not clutter up your public persona with staff information.

If a staff  member is a content manager, then they have two places to log into.  The portal for staff information and the admin to update content on the relevant part of the public site.

The portal users also can create content on the website using the Posts module.  The site admin has to set up Teacher Boards for their group first, then the staff member when logged into the portal can access their teacher boards there.  A board is a space where the faculty member can create web content by using the post module.   I was able to login as site admin go to the Posts area of Composer and specify per group if they wanted Boards.   I was even able to auto generate the Boards.  For example, we have a education center that has 90 faculty members.  I was able to create en – mass, Boards for every member.  Upon completion of this, each of those staff members could login to the portal and access their Board space from their profile.    I then went to the education center space on the public website and created a faculty list, which included an option to show teacher board links.  The faculty list is publicly accessible.


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