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What we want from our website rebuild

January 26, 2017

Well, that is wide open!.  I spoke with my boss yesterday, she gathered her 6 managers and talked a little web site rebuild with them.  These are the things I heard her say.

can we still put passwords on pages that are intended for the public?

the site map we have to give you (thats me) needs to be two tiers?

Will there still be a *site wide search feature?

will we use our network login credentials to log into the private facing content on the website?

can we still keep a quick link to the web email?

should we have a twitter feed?  or what do we think about social media?  Do we really need social media?  If we create social media, who will feed the beast?

we should use pictures of people, who we serve, not things, technology things.

how would all the old content get moved to the new site?  Some would not, its old and irrelevant, some would be restructured, like three pages become one, we would move some, the vendor would move some.  Its a real chance to take things to the curb.  Just like when you move, you make hard decisions about what is moving and what is going.

that our organization would be using mylearning plan for development / training type events – since our districts use this too, we can see their scheduled events while considering our own.  I added that we purchased the calendar module already from our new vendor and that each of the 10 schools in our organization would have their own.  they would still use the calendar to schedule things, events for their schools.


We are in the discovery phase of our project.  We have a couple weeks to produce our first set of deliverables.  Those in the form of – a theme, site maps, images and a design survey.  These things are used by the designer who will mint the site using the deliverables.

Our next meeting in next week, when we are hoping to nail down the top elements of a theme – they have a bunch of existing ones, but we seem to like specific things from a bunch of them, so maybe they will simply build us a new one.  Our designer needs from us ideas, starting points, things we like – so she has things to go with upon initial build.


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