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The day I exported 35 hrs from 7 cameras

December 22, 2016

Yesterday, I have a request from a big cheese.  Something like this “James, I need to see the interior cameras for building bla”.  After locating the interior cameras and showing them to him via a screen grab, he was able to narrow them down to 7 and the range of time to about 5 hrs.  A total of 35 hrs, 7 cameras * 5 hrs from each.   In my old brain, I though man, that’s a lot of video to export and for someone to watch.  I thought I would be chopping the video up into 1 hr. exports, 5 per camera – for a total of 35 distinct exports.  I worried about the playback of such large videos. That was where I was wrong.  The software dominated the process.

We use Genetec software, with its heavy footprint, in terms of drive space and memory, but, it was the right tool for the job. An impressive piece of software for this task.  Incidentally, I first tried exporting from a camera using the web client, I quickly found that  was not the right tool for the job.

Once I got the hang of the export tool/interface, using the default export format g64 was a breeze.  I was able to easily choose the day and time range for the export. G64 is the default proprietary format for the software and has amazing video compression.

So good, that I was able to create a single export for 4-6 hrs for each camera – each about 75 MB.  How 4 hrs of video can be compressed into 75 MB is pretty impressive to me. The exportation of a 6 hr range from one camera took about 90 seconds and created a 140 MB file.  Impressive.


At the end of this process – I was able to put all the exported video and the player on a thumb drive while using about 2 of 15 GB.

My customer can now either play the exports in his Genetec desktop client or he can use the portable player,  allowing him share with someone else.

The end.


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