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Our security camera software – exporting video

December 15, 2016

I support our Genetec security camera software.  Today, I was testing my understanding of which cameras stored video and for how long.  We have about 100 cameras in 6 buildings.

One might think that every camera keep its video for at least a short time, but that is not the case here. Some cameras store 30 days worth of footage.  After that, the space is *recycled by the server.  It is expensive to keep 720 hrs of video.   I can request a time range anywhere within the stored data.

To test which cameras were storing, I opened the web client and dragged cameras to the grid and then choose to export from the camera – the system reported no video avail for some of the cameras, while others exported short 1 minute videos.


My takeaway?  Know which cameras store video and for how long.

Results – for James



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