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Sharing and consuming

October 27, 2016

Starring, RSS feeds and google drive.

I like to write about this because it helps me to understand it all at a deeper level.  Kinda like teaching or explaining things to people.  Simply by giving voice to something, you are forced to think more critically about it.  “Well, that does not sound so simple or clear, for example”.

I was in a general moodle help forum this am, just reading some of the posted questions, this also helps aid in overall deeper understanding of, since I am forcing my brain to look at things from another perspective…but I digress, and I noticed a RSS feed.  It was simple and clean and out of the way, but there it was right in the prime real estate – for people to subscribe to.  Let me explain that common scenario again.

Common RSS scenario

You are on the web looking at things, you come across a news, sports, political, you name it, topic.  The folks publishing those topics want to get their news to you.  You, the consumer, have to say “yes, i want your info shared with me”.  I used to say pushed to me, but in reality, its pulled for you.  You click on the RSS link icon and get a prompt that allows you to specify what reader you want to use to poll the feed.  Readers come in lots of flavors and size, perhaps the most common now are the web browser themselves.  You choose it, registering the feed URL with it.  Now, all you have to do is look at it, maybe open the reader and it will have already collected up to date data on the feed.  The reader probably has a setting or two where you can tell it how ofter to pull or check the feed for new stuff and an option or two on how you want to display it.

A 1 minute video explaining how to find the feed on the website page

AND then, the google drive share.  I have been working on and off in this concept really for a couple years.  I have talked with my wife about it, the cloud in general, sharing and paperless solutions in particular for longer.  Google drive, like dropbox and MS Drive are other document clouds that people share.  The general idea?  Stop saving files on someones hard drive, flash drive, zip drive or floppy disk, ok – that last one only lives in my mustle memory ;).

Google drive is a share space, Google docs is software to create the documents.  This was a communication that came across my desk today, and illustrates the push or reality of files in the cloud, even collaborative ones.  Someone is managing a conference that has lots of classes and they are trying to get monitors signed up for each one.  Now they have some of the courses covered and need to share that info. with people while trying to get the others covered, so – share an editable document.  Put the file in a sharable location with permissions allowing users to edit it, to write into it.  Now, in real time, you can have a document that is up to date without the need to send or push communications around for it.

Hello all,

We would love to have you volunteer as a Presider at the Annual NYSCATE conference.  You will help us tremendously while simply attending the sessions you want to attend and doing a few housekeeping items for NYSCATE.

Please use this link to see the sessions open to presiders:

The tabs are located on the bottom left of the spreadsheet for the days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday).  The sessions that have INSERT HERE  in the presider column are the sessions we need filled.  Simply write your name and email address in the presider column for the session(s) you’d like.

The document is shared so everyone should be able to get into the doc and edit it.  Please choose one, two or three and insert your name and email address into the spreadsheet.  We’re asking that you have this done by Nov 10th so we can find presiders for the sessions that still need coverage.  If you know of anyone else who’s attending and would like to volunteer please send them our way.

Thanks so much!!  We look forward to seeing you at the conference and let us know if you have any questions.

Michelle  & Amy 
NYSCATE Presider Co-Chairs



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