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October 19, 2016

I support various software system, its my job.  I am the gatekeeper.  If questions arise, I am generally the one to answer them.  Or, when requests are made, I’m the one to do them.

One of the systems I support is a security camera system.  We have a new user, who needs credentials to the system.  The permissions in this system are mainly with the groups, not the accounts.  I create the account, then add the account to a group.  The group has cameras or doorways in this case.

I was able to that, sent email to the user with simple directions.  I then discovered that one of the *tasks that was created in the system has been modified.  The task is a view of certain doorways and cameras.  I could open the task easy enough and make changes to its content, but I could not find an open to save the changes.  Poor software design (IMHO).  The interface looks like it were designed by engineers, not designers.  Yes, a common enough mistake.  Companies figure the same people who write the logic and build the software functionality should be the same people who design the interfaces (UI).  Nope, bad idea.  But, I digress.

Eventually, i discovered how to save the changes I made to the task by right clicking on one of the menu bars – no kidding.  There I saw an option that said Save workspace – with a keyboard short cut.

No kidding.  Not a single object, button, word or otherwise that says *save this or that.  You had to happen to right click on the menubar to happen across it.

Anyway, now I can save changes to tasks (sets of doors and cameras) that people make for others.


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