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Oh for heavens sake…

October 18, 2016

I was technically wrong about RSS feeds pushing content to readers that the user chooses.  Technically, I am wrong.  Conceptually, I am on the $$$ mula.

Meaning, when you explain that RSS’s or feeds are web sites that want to push or em *ensure that you are getting the latest information about their product or service, that concept it still very true.

I have blogged previously about RSS, feeds, readers, aggregators and why they are so

What I was incorrect about is the specific pull that the news reader / aggregator is doing.  The site providing the information does not actually push it.  It is pulled by the reader.  The users reader, news reader or aggregator has a setting of how often it goes out and pulls from the site specified – subscribed too.

To summarize:

user – reader – pulls from – Site (provider)

A user updates or posts info to the feed, another user has a reader that has subscribed to the feed.  periodically, the reader says to the provider “yo yo, you got anything new?”  If it does, the reader displays or lists the new info in the reader for the user.

You dig?


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