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Google taking over the world

August 10, 2016

Lets start at the beginning. Remember 2000?  When google first appeared on the scene as a search engine?  Yes, they were quickly the favorite search engine on the internet.  Their clean interface, fast and thorough result set , set them apart from competitors.

Then, gmail.  Email is very popular, still.  Gmail has been dominating the free email sphere for many years too.  I’ll guess 2005.  Gmail bested it competitors Hotmail, yahoo, juno etc.

How about Chrome anyone?  A web browser.  Surely Google was not going to miss out on that.  Chrome now holds what percent of browser market?  Chrome appeared in 2008.  look at the interesting annual percentages by browser.  Notice Chromes growth month after month, while others shrink.

Flash a couple more years ahead and Google Drive appeared on the scene.  People wanted to save their digital things somewhere other than a hard drive, thumb drive, flash drive, you name it.  They wanted somewhere else.  The cloud!  Google provides free storage space on one of their many servers.  Free!  Just need to have a Gmail account, see whats going on here?  If you have a lot to store, then you start paying for it after a limit, but that is a digression.  I support moodle sites and have seen how popular Google Drive has become with high school students.  I have configured four different moodle sites (moodle is a popular open source ((free)) LMS, allowing them to connect/integrate with Drive.  Users on the moodle site can access files in the Drive space, download to a moodle assignment, for example.  But, another digression.

Google Maps anyone?  Yea, we know how good they are, very!

Google Docs – productivity software – yes, very popular.  Google is so much like Microsoft back in the day, whenever a niche developed and companies developed software for it, they would soon develop something to compete with or purchase it, if they could not product equivalent piece.

Google slides, what? I know, I just discovered this today.  I am putting information together for a talk tomorrow, and wanted to put in powerpoint type format.  I went to Google Docs, looked around a little and found….drumroll, ……… slides

Now, how about Google classroom.  A *free LMS for teachers, students, schools.  A place to set up shop for classes.  A place to execute on line courses.  At the very least a place to add files and other digital assets.  Some of my customers are talking about classroom now.  I figure I should dig in a little, so I can at least sound knowledgeable when the topic of classroom comes up.  It is worth mentioning too that Schoology has been getting some discussion too.  Schoology is a LMS, sort of free – at least some of its capacity.  I assume classroom is the same way, get started for free.  Get things set and going for free.  If you really get going, then additional stuff that you will likely use is not free, or to keep the space and things you have been using, would no longer be free after a certain amount of time.  That is another digression.

The remainder of this post is to learn concepts about Google Classroom.

Wait, how about Google for Education.  That’s the one that is interesting.  Since I work in education.   Their tag line?  “empower your educators to transform learning”….gee, I never heard that before (dripping sarcasm).  I’m sure the tools are well developed, I just don’t think Google should go into every business like they do.  Is there a Google Finance? Google Money?  How about Google Faith or Google Government?  How about Google for president?  In this election cycle (2016) – Hillary and Trump, Google president makes a little sense.  Seriously, how about Google Cooking?  Google Security?  Im sure the is Google Fun or Google Entertainment.

There is an IT section for the Google Classrooms too.  That is a little telling about the complexity of the software.  Which is probably exclusively in the cloud, meaning there is not an option to set up software on local servers, like has been the norm for years.  Now the services that you can use/buy are cloud based.  But, there is IT training and need.  More specifically, there is training for Google Apps – which are probably the building blocks for the Google Classroom concept.  And of course there is a certification – to show how amazing you are in your knowledge of their application – we call that a revenue stream.  In a lot of way, nothing new here.  Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Novell and many other large software systems have provided the same type of training, certification etc….

Google Apps for Google classroom.  Also a lot like Moodle or Blackboard Wires or SchoolWorld or FinalSite academy.  These vendors also model the concept of Apps.  Little pieces of functionality that can be used in a space on a website.  Organized behind a group.  A common way to allow a subset of users access to something, a space or app, on your website.

50 millon users of Google Apps for Education.  Impressive number.  I’m sure a couple of those apps are Drive and Gmail.  how about this tag line “a solution build for teachers and students – big or small google provides tools to engage students anytime, anywhere, any device.”  that’s a grand statement, one that we as internet consumers have been moving toward for years.  A promise made years ago by many vendors – anything, anywhere and anytime.

so far thats

  • Google search engine
  • Google Gmail
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google maps
  • Google classroom

Ok, I found the jackpot in terms of a holistic view of Google apps by category.

Did I mention Blogger, a blog that I have used for years in my job supporting Moodle, PHP, MySQL and Apache – is owned by Google… I did not know that….and Google hangout, which we did a few times last summer with my daughter when she was traveling.

It never ends, Google and their net worth and influence.  Another tagline from Google

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Seems they are well on their way.  I am going to change that last statement a little, ready?

Google’s mission is do dominate and control the world and its inhabitants, what they see and how they do things.

Ok, to my final point.  These are the educational apps that are *free and avail. to help educators…..

google apps for education






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