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Correct process or update data?

June 7, 2016

Deal with the problem or react to the symptoms.  Logic dictates correcting the problem, not the symptoms.   All other factors equal, correct the problem.  Except…

When dealing with old legacy Access DB, with lots of VBA and old code.  That code may have been correct years ago, but the process changes.  When the process changes, and not the code – then issues start to seep into the code.

This is the process we follow for most issues that arise.

  1. I would clarify the problem,
  2. investigate the code
  3. test a correction
  4. verify with my customer.  She would test and verify.


in this particular case.  I can step back, allow here to use the system, create her bookings and then run an update query on the data.  Is this lazy?  Sort of.  Is this smart?  Sort of.

I do not really want to make big changes to this part of the application.  This is the part that writes data to a table using VBA.  I have not every changed this particular code in the app.  The code works, sort of.  The problem could be the process my customer is using.  She may be doing something out of sequence.  Maybe she is supposed to do something in a different order?  I don’t really want to get into this.  It is not hard for me to react and update the order data using a query.

Rather than changing the system, change the data resulting in the system.This is faulty, but does make some sense.

When my customer says ”

Hope all is well!! I’m having trouble with the Estec code.  When I go to the main menu to kits, I’ve increased the costs for next year. When I “transfer” the costs to next year, it doesn’t seem to do it. “

Open the DB

Open the kits table – so you can view the cost field and kit id. (hide other columns)

Open the booking table – so you can see kit id and booking cost (hid other columns)

Create a simple update statement using the cost field from the kits table to update the booking records in the booking table

update tbl_bookings

set booking_cost = (xxx)

where kidid = xx and yearid = xx


Maybe I should look at the code executed on the button clicked …..

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