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Annual steps for S Bassage ESTEC DB

April 21, 2016

Around April or May, perform these steps.

  1. Open  frmBooking form, change the hard coded year , look in the vBeginID_AfterUpdate() function.
  2. Open the tblSchoolWeeks table and correct a couple records….the newly generated calendar weeks, specifically where the application generates a couple incorrect holiday weeks – because of the odd process that my customer does not follow correctly.  The past couple years, I have simply renumbered the weeks (2) that are not supposed to be there (the correct holiday weeks), to the weeks that are.
  3. Open form subFrmCheckin -look in  Form_load event, update hard coded date
  4. A new school year id has been generated and needs to be updated in a couple places.
  5.  Open frm_districts_building_kits_dates – open the query (rec source) for the unbound list box – change the schoolyearid.
  6.  – qryBooking2013-14 – leave the name, change the schoolyearid

You may also have to correct kit cost – that seems to use the older year price.  If this happens, follow these steps to correct kit booking cost issue

  1. open the kits table – ensure cost is up to date
  2. open the booking table to verify that booking for the new year are in there
  3. create a new query and use an update statement to correct cost that is wrong
  4. pull up the kits table, show just id and cost columns, hid the other columns
  5. next to the kits table – position the query window – so its easy to see both and scroll down the kits table.  Last year I also printed the kit booking records so i could see which kits actually needed to update.






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  1. Thanks James, its the next year and Sharron updated the cost of the kits and then booked her kits for the next year and attempted to transfer the cost….and I had to open the booking table and use an update query to update the cost.

    Open the DB, open the booking and kits tables – verify the higher cost in the kits table – and that it did not propogate correctly to the booking table – create a simple update statement for the cost in the booking table using the cost from the kits table, the kitid and the schoolyearid

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