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Remoting into and rebooting computer

March 14, 2016

For a while, I have been trying to figure out how to give my account permission to reboot a server remotely.  These server are running Windows 7.  The workstations are responsible for providing IP address and a connecting port for cameras.  Sometimes the cameras come off line, usually because Windows did an update and something did not come back on line.

Today, when we discovered some of the cameras down, I worked with a new network technician to resolve the issue.  He taught me this nice command line beauty:

shutdown – r

It took a minute – but, sure enough, I was logged out of my session and the server was rebooted, with a parameter to restart.

I guess as long as my account that I am remoting in with is of type admin, I can get to that command line and run any of the windows commands, like this one.

Now, when cameras are off line, I too can consume the low hanging fruit on the tree that usually corrects the problem, a restart of the server.  I do here my colleague saying in my minds ear, “some of these problems need me to be there to diagnose with a reboot not solving the issue”.  But, today, like most days, the reboot of the server brought the cameras back online in the network.



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