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Another day, another view of

February 24, 2016

Security camera system, not software , but system.

I remoted into the main server this am, just to ensure the changes I had recently made to the credentials were in tact.

This system – cameras, ip addresses, software and server(s) and the people who use it are the system.  Yes, do not forget the people who use them and support them.

Turns out the server has a bit of capacity, especially in terms of drive space.


The system has 2 other video archiving servers, now i understand that the main server also archives video.  Why else would there be a 1.8 Terabyte drive in the server?  There is also a recovery drive (F) – that is about 8 GB.  I am sure that would have been used IF we had to replace that C drive last week.  A new 455 GB drive would have been installed and the 8 GB recovery drive would have been mirrored or ghosted to the new drive.

Additionally, I noticed in the systray an icon.  Clicking it opened the server Control Panel.  It is telling me a couple things about the Security and Maintenance settings.


This server is not in our network, so the firewall is turned off.  The update is turned off too, maybe because updates in the past have caused the server to go down, or at least the video camera services.  No virus protection either.  This server does not broadcast itself and its ip address nor does it have people use use it to browse the internet.  Nothing.  Only run the software and store 30 days worth of recordings from 40 cameras.

The Maintenance settings are less interesting, but still there, especially the backup.  Windows want to make it easy for admins of the server to back it up and whatever may be installed on it.

Early morning AHA?

The web camera system has a large number of components.  Servers – with lots of drive space, software on the servers configuring and connecting IP addresses to specific cameras, storage of video from the cameras, processes, like the one that recycles drive space after 30 days stored on a drive, people who use the system in different roles, server admins, software admins, managers – to communicate things, monitors, people who watch the cameras, especially the doors.


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