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New printers mess up report settings

February 23, 2016

My customer says to me, “James, we got a new copier installed and now the labels in report so and so do not print correctly”.  I have heard this tune before.  The last time they changed copiers/printers, a similar thing happened.

I went over to her site, since I needed to see the labels and test them while making corrections to the report properties in Access.

I logged into the system, pulled up the report in question, made a small change to the layout properties and printed a sample sheet, just one page, so I only waste a single page of labels.  This verified I was in the correct report – ya never know – I used to say I am ensuring that I am “digging around in the right hole”….

Upon verification, I noticed that my customer had attempted to correct the problem, which I appreciated, I appreciated even more that fact that she mad a copy of the report first.  I deleted the report she had been playing with, as it was pretty bad, made a new copy of the report and started from a fresh copy – only after I had made a fresh backup of the report did I start tweaking properties of it.  A fall back plan in the unlikely event that I get discombobulated ;).
After about 15 minutes of tweaking the report, I was able to correct the problem by changing the size of the controls on the report and moving them a little.

All systems go.

Moral of the story?  Make a backup of the original before changing it and test your changes in small pieces – or print a single page of data to minimize wasting of labels.

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