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A brief thought on DNS registration

December 30, 2015

The other day, three of our websites went bye bye.  Their DNS names were not renewed.  After contacting our customer, the DNS were renewed and the sites were back on line – content in tact.  Took a few hrs to propagate, but overall a nice quick response by our vendor, who is the owner of the DNS names.  We are the owners of the other 7, soon to be 8 DNS.  Meaning we, Jeff G. manages that information for us.

Jeff did mention that when he registers a DNS name, he has to provide a lot of info.  specifically a technical, billing and administrative contact(s).

DNS can be registered for up to 10 years, but that seems too long for most people I would think, since they do not know how viable the site could be in 5 years.  I read the typical DNS period is 1-3 years.

these are DNS names who’s server I either support or manage.

moodle (*5), sw/bb (*8).  3 additional sw/bb servers that I support/manage whose DNSs are owned by sw/bb

We had another site go down for maintenance the other day, which spawned a reaction “same as last time?” from my boss – it was not, a coincidence they say.  This site was down for maintenance and we do own the DNS rights to it., according to Jeff G.  Regarding that domain name, Jeff said “originally created in 2001, was renewed in 2015 for 5 years.

Maybe they, being us, since we own it, got a discount, an offer we could not refuse, if we renewed for 5 years.

Another interesting message from April of this year (2015).  Only interesting since it involves the registration of domain names.  It once was abstract but not its found!


The domain: is available for purchase.  We recommend that you purchase the domain name moving forward.  You can use any domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Directnic, or Network Solutions, just to name a few.  Once the site has been purchased and setup we will provide you with DNS information to use to point the domain name to your SchoolWorld website.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Well.  We live, we learn. Jeff G has a list of all the domains that we manage. For each registration that we own, we have to supply to the registrar the technical, billing and administrative contacts.  I am not sure who Jeff uses for the registration (GoDaddy? Directnic?)

My questions “Jeff, how many domain names do we own?  are they all registered with the same registrar?, how long do we typically renew a DNS? 1,3,5 years?” 

I do not have to ask when they expire, I heard Jeff saying the other day they got notifications about things expiring all the time.  everyday.  Software, DNSs, certificates, etc.

A final interesting two thoughts…

1 – registrars, who collect lots of data when registering the domain, do typically offer a slightly more expensive option if you want additional privacy.

2 -I copied this text from this site.

No, you do not own the domain name. You are leasing the right to use the domain name for a specific period of time. At the end of that time you can choose to renew the domain or let it expire. An expired domain can be registered by another party and used for any purpose they see fit.

Due to the fact that domains are not owned property they can be disputed in certain situations. The ICANN agency regulates all domain registration and usage on the internet.



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