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Security cameras – IPs – configuration

November 6, 2015

We have a new client called rapid response, who are building an interface that will link directly into our security cameras at our 3 locations.  We have had the security cameras in place about 2 years.  Most of it has been updated or is new in the past 2 years.  We have 3 centers, Main campus here in Newark, a tech center in Williamson, NY and a tech center in Flint, NY.  Between the 3 centers there are about 75 cameras and 4 *doors.  They consist of at least two servers, both of which I am lobbing for remoting credentials.  I already have one, but discovered a second this past week when we had a problem that I diagnosed for our vendor, which ended up on the server in Williamson.

Our new vendor, Rapid response has been asking for IP addresses to the cameras on the system.  Makes sense.  I have provided that too them by printing off an *area view in the software that lists the names of the cameras in each location.  Then using the Configuration software provided by Genetec, was able to gleen the IP address for each camera and write that on the diagram.  Then I scanner the diagram and emailed it to myself and then to my contact at Rapid Response.

I want to help both the Rapid Reponse folks, in creating the new interface that will link to the cameras but I also want to access and understand the server environment better.  The later so when a problem occurs in the future with the security cameras (usually a problem means a camera or a door entity in the system is down.  By having remote permissions to the server, I can do two very valuable things if problems occur.

1 – restart services on the server

2 – restart the server itself.

I will naturally still let my vendor, Frontrunner know what I am planning to do, but it could help in two ways

1 – quicker resolution to a problem

2 – negate the need for the vendor to come to one of our sites.

I find myself most often troubleshooting, and communicating the findings, when a problem occurs.  I would still do this, but be able to reset services and the server when something is down.


That is the image(s) I used to communicate camera names and IP addresses to Rapid Response folks.


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