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SchoolWorld web site support – assigning permissions to areas of the site

October 21, 2015

I had someone send me this question yesterday.


I need John B…to be taken off of the list. And Greg M (his email)  to be the replacement. John would log on to see who had contacted us for more info but his job duties have changed so that is no longer necessary. Greg’s duties have increased and he will need to be able to see those inquiries. Make sense?


I responded with this

Olga, from this web site.

You want me to

  1. Remove john B as a webmaster,
  2. Add account for Greg M.
  3. Give webmaster permission to Greg M account

Is that correct?

She responded with this.

When people click on “Contact Us” they can leave their questions with a phone number or email. Then I get an email from as well as when I log in I get a yellow bar that says “There is 1 item that requires your attention” on the main menu.

When John logs in, I don’t want John to have access to see the yellow bar, that should go to Greg now instead.  But John still needs  access as a webmaster. So:

  • No, please don’t remove John as a webmaster
  • Yes, Greg needs an account to log in
  • No, Greg doesn’t want to deal with webmaster things just look at the contact-feedbacks.

Am I rambling? I’m sorry.

Thanks : )

My response

Olga, I created an account.

accounts details …..
Assigned permissions to the account, not as webmaster, but as admin. with permission to just that area.

You could log in as him to check it out.

If we want to remove the permission for Boronkay, we would have to remove the webmaster permission and give him admin. with rights to everything except the feedback form.

I also added Greg’s account to the list of people who get the *push email when someone submits something.  You, Greg and Marilyn S are checked to receive push emails.  Not John B.  Do you want me to remove MS from getting them too?


Her response

No, everything is perfect.

Marilyn takes care of anything nursing related so she can stay on there.

Thanks so much for your help! Have a great day!!!


moral of the story?  solutions most often live in the existing capacity of a software.  If you do not know what that is, seek it out.  Also, always clarify what the customer is asking for, asking you to do.  Over and over the clarification of what is being asked for and what you plan to do exposes a lack of understanding from the customer.

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