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Upgrading a legacy web site from schoolworld (blackboard

September 30, 2015

We have a web site, that is used on a fairly large scale organizationally.

Today, our information officer stopped me to discuss options for our legacy website.  What complicates this a bit is customization that were done to this site years ago by the vendor.  Those customization cost has been in the fact that we have not been able to go to a new template, like many of our other schoolworld sites.

The information officer is making a recommendation that we stay with the current vendor, schoolworld (blackboard) and migrate to a new template that offers more options, at least new options.  The other options we may have is the migration of our content from the schoolworld site to a new vendor.  That would be a little more risky, I think.  I imagine other vendors would be happy to handle the transitional issues for the payout of hosting our content.  I do not have the entire picture here.  There may be reasons why we *need to stay with the current vendor, or there may be options for a new vendor that the information officer is simply afraid to explore.

What about a training phase?  Would the new vendor offer that?

I will follow up with schoolworld and ask a couple questions.  If we migrated, there would be a lot of people asking questions initially.  Who would be the contact for that?  I could be, but who would be my technical contact?  Someone I could lean on.

There are about 30 people who have logged in during the past week and made updates to the web site.


How many modules are custom build for the template AND would be lost upon upgrade to the site.

Can the site use a new template?  If so, what custom built modules would not be included?

How many of the custom modules are in use?

How many people use them?

How would we deal with them?  Who would train?

modules in the site…


This is where some of the custom modules are. Facilities, Courses, Accounting, Professional Development, Setup Prof Dev.

I think the Courses and Accounting modules work together, while Professional Development and Setup Prof Dev. work together.  I do not know to what extend these are used, but im pretty sure they are used on a regular basis and would be a point of contention for any upgrade path that does not include an alternative functionality for these items.

A couple views of traffic reports for the site, compliments of logaholics



Number of Site administrators – an idea of the site usage.



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