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MS access support – glad i made a copy of the DB…aka The Always Rule

July 17, 2015

One of those things you learn along the way…. Especially if you support dbs or code of any kind.  The “always rule“.

What is it? Some people would know.  Always back up the file, code, graphic or db or whatever it is you are changing.  My access customer says things to me periodically like “james, help” or “I was wondering” – depending on if she wants something fixed or added.

I was working on a simplish form, report and query update – when boom, seemingly right in the middle of my “experimentation” – that is how we solve problems, Access starting reporting file not found.  I tried about 15 minutes to figure out what was going on, what did I do to cause this?  At that point I realized I had made a copy of the DB before I started playing with it.

In 3 minutes, I was back in business – solving the problem I started out to do.

I simply renamed the crashing version of the DB name_crashing and renamed my copy to original name

The problem required me to make a change to a report – and the query that feed the report.  It took me a little while to figure why the records in the report were being ordered the way they were.  I naturally looked at the query (SQL) first.  After a little experimentation – there is that word again – I asserted the query was not in charge of the ordering of the recs in the report.  After looking a little harder at the report, I toggled the report design tool group – sort in the toolbar and saw the selections in the report.


That is what was controlling the ordering.  Interesting also.


  • Back up your work always.
  • Do not work on the live version, ever.
  • If something breaks, try to fix it, but don’t be afraid to punt the issue to the curb in favor of using your backup.

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