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Supporting NYS test scoring….staring ASAP

June 18, 2015

This is a big deal for us.  I work for a RIC (regional information center) in western NY.  Its a BOCES, if you know what that is.  One of the big services that we offer is the processing of physical test scoring sheets.  We have a customer developed piece of software, developed using ASP, by my colleague Gary and supported by my other colleague Mike.

If you know NYS and the emphasis on test scoring – then you know this is a big deal.  These are a few high points from a conversation the other day with Mike.

ASAP is our custom developed software (Gary and now Mike support it) – written in ASP (microsoft)

The software processes test scoring scans and creates extracts of data.  Digital results, of course.

There are many school districts in the state that use our service.  Not just our own districts (WFLBOCES has 26 districts it supports).  Downstate districts also use our service.  They send us their test scan sheets and we scan then, process the data and send it back to them.  We do not keep it.  Its is their data.  The district then moves the data into what NYS called the level 0 warehouse.  this is where all the district test data goes.

Someone at the district then looks critically at the data extract and verifies its accuracy.  Often times, there are discrepencies that must be resolved.  Trust me, NYS is VERY finicky.  When this happens, the district sends us a copy of the extracted data (we NEVER touch the data in the level 0 warehouse.)  We look at, find the problems – invalid marks on test sheets, names on forms etc.  hanging chads (remember 2000?).  We make a correction, or diagnosis, sometimes creating new extracts for the district.  If a new extract is created, the district then loads that again, and has to wait til Wednesdays (I think that is the day new data is loaded into the level 0 warehouse.)

This is a big deal for us.  We process a lot of test data throughout the year.

A little more detail on this service and process provided on the Edutech web site.  Test scoring 101.

And a little more detail about test scoring and data extracts.

This is a helpful video that explains this process and its timeline in a little more detail.

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