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New schoolWorld web site and stuff I am still learning

May 27, 2015

Hopefully, I learn every day, something. That is probably true. Blogging about things increases understanding of the subject. By writing about it, you think critically about it. Thinking critically about it makes you, well, consider it at a deeper level. A favorite term of mine from my development days is *grokking, pronounced: grawking. Understanding something at a very deep level.

Do it, do it again, explain it to someone else, teach it, do it again and again….then you start to approach grokking.

SchoolWorld is a company that makes web sites. For teachers, for schools etc. We use it for both. I support the websites used for schools. I work for WFLBOCES, as part of our mission, we supply and support websites for our schools or buildings. We have about 10 that each has their own website. Each site has people or content champions, I like to call them, who feed the beast. The beast being the website. If the website is not championed or feed, it is irrelevant. Most of the champions are self sufficient, I get them started, occasionally answer a question for them, maybe upload a file or fix a link or add a graphic or embed a video piece. But, for the most part, they do the work of feeding the site.

We are opening a new school this fall called ptech (pathways technology early college high school). A very innovative approach to high school and being of college. Even President Obama knows a little about it.

We put our new site up this week and I created webmaster accounts for my content champions for the site.

The site was only up a couple days when my content champion, Emory was asking for changes to the design of the site.  This is a true champion.  He wants to control the look and where he can place things on the site.  He has used other web sites like google sites.  He already has content on the google site, so it was quick and easy to copy it into the schoolWorld site.

Emory emailed the support team with a couple requests – he asked me first, and I told him I had no more power than him, both our accounts are webmaster.  The schoolworld support team emailed him back with good answers.


Hi Jevon, 
I am looking at some basic changes: 
Our site is: and it just went live this past week and I completed adding the content this past weekend…
Here are some of the changes/updates I’d like to make….
Add our logo to the left of the main title (upper row)
Change the yellow highlight to a color shade of green
Add an editor space above New Feature  (on the main homepage)
Also, when I looked at the example from SchoolWorld Templates, using the site, they have a Spotlights feature on the right-hand side of the main picture. How do you do this? And what editor space is available for this?
Thank you for any help you can provide. I have attached the current logo for our school. 



Thank you for responding so quickly.  James actually provided us with a logo to be added to your site.  Our Design team has the logo, but are unable to apply it at this time due to some hardware issues on our end.  We hope to have access to the server that houses the images soon and will apply the logo at that time.

Please refresh your browser and take a look at the new green to see if this will suffice.

We are unable to add an editor to the area of the site that you have referenced.  This particular template displays its Home Page Text directly to the left of the main image, just below the top navigation area.

Lastly, we have enabled the Spotlight module.  You may need to add it to your admin area after logging in.   This will allow you to create and edit your Spotlight stories that display on the right hand side of the page, similar to the example site you provided.  Thank you in advance for your response.


SchoolWorld Technical Support

Blackboard Inc.

Schoolworld added another module – spotlights – so my content champion could continue to be a champion.  They were willing to change the color scheme simple enough and added the new module without any additional changes or other bureaucracy.

Moral of the story?

find your site champion

support your site champion

Point them at the schoolWorld support and let them do what they can for him.

SchoolWorld has lots of little modules that it can move in and out to provide more or less functionality for the web site.  Similiar to moodle and plugins.  Content management sites like this are designed to be flexible and are build in small modules that can be added or removed.

The end.

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