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Practice – practice – practice

May 14, 2015

Not exciting but sooooo necessary.  Practice those schoolworld web site support tasks.  Know them, be intimate with them.  Help your customers who see it as something much less clear than you.  Most of them anyway.

The past couple days, I have uploaded new files to the site – to a page.  Doing so allows me to think critically about where the file is?  Filecabinet or on a page.  I advocate using the file cabinet most of the time.  Why?  Because you only maintain a single copy of the file and reference it from places on the site.  An old concept associated with content management systems…..but, most people using the system do not have that clear understanding.

When you make an update to something, look at it critically and change the way the file uploads are stored and referenced, if applicable.  for example.  We have a password protected page on one of our sites that has a bunch of files associated with the page.  Actually, there are 2 pages associated with the main page – the associated pages have the files attached to them.

the past couple days, I have updated two files on one of the pages.  I did not change the name of the file, but did upload it and replace it in the page, not the file cabinet.   I considered uploading the updated files to the file cabinet and then copying the reference to them into the pages.  BUT, since these are stored to a password protected page – and nowhere else on the site….I left them on the page.

The important thing is the thinking.  The rolling around in it, thinking about the best way to support and update content – people.  To be ready to be helpful to the people who are championing the site – meaning adding new content.

I try not to speak too technically about the sites and their content – instead, I try to think how the person I am working with is seeing the site.  When do they want from it.  This helps me to be clear in my thinking, understanding etc.

I also reminded myself that I installed Dreamweaver a couple weeks ago so I could re-build a big ole nasty html page and NOT IN THE SCHOOLWORLD provided editor.  Ugh.  I found the file I had changed using dreamweaver, updated it and then copied and pasted that code into the HTML version of the page in schoolworld.  SO much easier for this task.

Dreamweaver is what I used to call a front end editing program.  AKA an HTML – CSS page builder.  Very good at helping you build pages with straight html and css.

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