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Troubleshooting a problem in the web security camera software

May 11, 2015

Today, I was greeted with a big red email (priority).  It said “I cannot unlock the doors using the software”.  Not a collosal issue, since the person had a backup plan and could still open the doors from her seat.  Actually, this problem existed for each of the entry ways in our configuration.  We have 3 doorways, which are represented in the software as literal doors.


First thing I did was report the problem to our helpdesk (for records) then visited the person who reported the problem – verify the problem first.  I logged into the software and saw the same issue. Each of the Doors was off line, the software would not communicate with them.   I contacted my frontrunner guy – who configures the software to report the issue.

We discussed the issue a little – turned it over – found the common denominator in the problem, which was the server not the network.  Is the problem in the network or in the server?  A couple times previously, the problem was in the network.  A guy on our side did something that caused that part of the network supporting the cameras (ips), to go down.

The problem could also be in an account – permissions, but if cameras or doors or entire partitions are off line – that suggests either a problem in the Network or on the server.  Network or Server?

In this case, it was server.  Working with my frontrunner contact – we went into the genetec software – as an admin, to the Config tool | System | roles

Turns out the problem was caused by the server (Windows 7) updating automatically and not restarting the Genetec

Once that service was restarted, my genetec session logged out, eventually logged back in and the Doors each came back on line one after the other.

The postmordem analysis steps – takeways

  1. verify the problem – see it
  2. Determine where you think the problem is coming from (in this case Server or Network)
  3. try some low level troubleshooting – low handing fruit first – least invasive (impacts fewest users)
  4. If problem cannot be corrected in heavy client with a refresh – check the system properties that monitor the server health
  5. If problem persist – remote into the web server and check the Windows service (Genetec Server) – restart it
  6. Restarting the service is less invasive then rebooting the server
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