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please keep your head in the clounds…..

April 7, 2015

What I mean is make sure you understand at a high conceptual level how things are done in this software.  Think of yourself, in the support role, of the person who has to explain things before they are solved.  Not always, but usually, I cant solve something unless I have groked it – at a high conceptual level.  The following is to that end.

I have a request today about a survey form on one of the site pages.  In exploring the question, I confirmed – asserted these high level principles regarding schoolWorld based web site (pages) content etc.

If a form shows up on the web site soliciting input from you – then the form was created first using the form module – accessible to certain people – depending on their rights.

schoolworld - form creator

This form is created and can be editing at any time by the person who has permission to do so.  The form can then be linked to from anywhere in the site.  A link to it in the middle of a paragraph or from the bottom of a page.  People click the link – fill out the form.  The results of the form are also avail. to the person with permissions.  they can view all the user submissions and even report the data out from the *form (underlying DB) – using options avail to them.

schoolworld - form downloads

The administration of the form has options like – a password or a range where the form would be avail. as well as places where you can edit the content – text on the page around the form itself.  As well as options to email – push email to someone who may be interested in a submission of the form.  Of course you can also edit the questions on the form as well as remove and add new – all though that starts to mess with the integrity of the data.

schoolworld - form editors

The schoolworld site has a concept of a main navigation – this is true in all of the templates available via schoolworld developers.  That concept of navigation is represented by

schoolworld - main content

See how the Site Content has 6 main options and so has 6 main navigation buttons in the site front end.

schoolworld - main nvigation

Main navigation options have lots of sub-options – which are individual pages that are added to the site.

I can always find a page on the site by its parent most main option.

Site paragraphs have a concept of “Paragraphs on Pages”.  The pages that are avail. seem to be lacking a cogent structure, but this is how you find and edit the content “paragraphs on the pages”.

Additionally, we can create a link to a video – which is not, in this case, uploaded to the schoolworld server.  Most often, we should simply link to a video that is uploaded to a video server.  We have our own video server that we use organizationally.  Lots of different software and systems use video or have video that lives on our dedicated video server and is consumed from there.

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