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Commend Intercom hardware and software

March 12, 2015

Frontrunner systems.  They installed a new intercom system staring Commend intercom.  Fine.  these are the highlights of what I learned about them today.

they are a handset that connects to a server via IP port and ethernet connection.

they are dependent on a properly configured network connection to communication

In our case, we have 3 entrance way stations (EWS).  Each ews can see and communicate with the others.  So EW1 can open doors and communicate with EW 2 and 3.  This is a redundency capability.  If the person at EW1 is not there and someone is trying to enter via EW1, the person at EW2 or 3 could also buzz them in or talk with them.  This is a predicable and efficient system.

There is a 20 second delay if the person trying to enter via EW1 is not responded to (person in EW1 clicks a buzzer, requesting entry – if 20 seconds go by without the door opening, EW2 and EW3 received the buzz, request from EW1 – alerting them and not leaving the person in EW1 without service.

There is an icon in the Genetec software that allows the person in each EW to unlock the door.  A little lock icon, specifically designed to allow the person at the EW to open or unlock the door.

Turns out the unlock the door icon is visible to the account – which means it must have permissions in the group RSC Entrances – of which the accounts the EW people and their subs use.

RSC Entrance ways

there are accounts dschaertl, johora and mschribner – these are the primary people who monitor the EWs.  Then there is a “syb” account for each EW – so when the primary is away – the sub can login the system too. subEisenhower, subMaple, subArcadia.

So – the RSC Entrance group has the permissions to see this new option to unclock the doors – not the individual accounts.

unlock doors

Good stuff – as long as the Commend Intercom device is operational – which is how the EW person communicates with the person wanting to enter the building.

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