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Auto notification of cameras being down – staring Genetec

February 27, 2015

My boss asked me the other day.  Can we ask Genetec – Frontrunner network who actually implement Genetec software, if there is a mechanism that can automatically check cameras in the system to ensure they are on-line.  A fair question, my leage.

Some of the cameras on the system go down from time to time, and we would like not to be notified by a secretary or anyone else for that matter.  We want to be a bit more proactive.

Working with the vendor, Sean – we set up this process for one of the partitions on the system – rather than the entire system.  Test it out on a smaller scale.  Every 15 minutes, the software pings each camera on its network (server) – each camera has its own ip address, so this makes sense.  If a camera does not respond to the ping (I think it pings it for 60 seconds – giving the camera as much time as possible to respond) – an “Alert – camera not responding” message is sent to my email. – actually this is what showed up.

genetec notifications

This way – I can check to see if the camera is actually down and then ask our helpdesk people to contact our internal network guy who will ensure that there is at least power to the camera.  Then, if there is power, we will contact Genetec.  This is a good vetting step since the vendor charges us xx dollars each time they come out to check on something.

I figured out this am, after my initial deluge of false email notifications – which cameras those ip address are.  So, I can at least say to someone “well it the Front Entrance doors that tend to tend to report false positives”, like today.

I found the matching ip address reported in the email by opening the thick client configuration tool and right clicking the camera and choosing ping.

ping genetec camera

Moral of the story? – Trying to be proactive is a good idea.

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