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How users view our web security cameras – groups and permissions

January 20, 2015

I reminder to my brain how this works.  “dear brain, it has been awhile since i asked you any questions pertaining to the security settings of the cameras that people in the BOCES use, especially those new cameras we had installed not long ago and the accounts that were set up so people could log in and just see those cameras”….

That was kinda the scenario a few weeks back.  The vendor, Genetec, installed some new security cameras to our system in the lobbies of the 3 main buildings.

The general rules are the system has a server.  the server has partitions.  partitions have groups.  groups have users.  groups have permissions.  users should not have permissions.

There were 3 new accounts created, one for each person who monitors the lobby entrance way.  Also a shared ‘sub’ account for people who relieve the main people.  Makes sense.

The other day, I got a message from the boss keith it said “I though we had installed new cameras in the foyers?”.  Translated means “When I am logged on, I do not see the new cameras”.

What needed to happen was keiths account or the user group that contained the account, needed to be added to the new partition.  After verifying that keiths account was in the WFL Leadership group and adding it to the RSC Entrances partition, keiths account could see the new cameras.

The WFL Leadership group has Keith as one of its members.  The WFL Leadership group has the permissions to see certain cameras.  The group needs to be added to the new partition.

In order to provide a mechanism to allow the new users (front foyer waters) to see just those cameras – and no others, – a new partition was created and the cameras added to it.   A group was created giving it permissions to see the cameras in each foyer.  Accounts were created and then added to the group.

The WFL Leadership group is a Accepted user of the RSC Entrances partition.

Got it?

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