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Updating events in the calendar module and using the site wide file cabinet

January 2, 2015

One of my schoolworld using customers contacted me the other day and said something like “the event that I added to the calendar module does not work and is missing a link”.  A little vague.  So, I spend about 10 minutes and made the customer tell me in more detail what he was trying to do and what was happening.

Problem solving 101 – make sure you have a good understanding of the problem.  After talking thought the issue, helping my schoolworld web site using coworker to walk through the problem verbally with me, we think we found the issue.  We sat down at his computer and he confirmed with me what had happened.  His co-worked had actually added the training event to the calendar, not him.  And in doing so, did things differently, which turned out to be incorrect.

I helped my customer to edit the events and update the file link in each, pointing it to the correct link and how to upload the instructional file that should have been part of the event.


Both events needed to reference a file that is one the system.  I started to upload the file to the page, but then stopped, since I knew I needed to add it to another event and others after that.  I added the *shared document to the website wide file cabinet, using the schoolworld edit module facility.  I am a webmaster on the site.


I added the document to the site wide file cabinet and referenced it from both the calendar training events.

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