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Our customer and Genetec web security software

December 18, 2014

A busy could days regarding Genetec corportation and their installation of new security cameras in our facility.  Lessons learned and discussed with my colleague Shirley – who kinda acts like the manager of our service to our internal employees.


The vendor Genetec is mostly concerned with selling things – not ensuring people are understanding and using their technology

The vendor installs the heavy or thick client, as they call it, when the web client would be sufficient.  I think.

I am reminded why the minimalist approach is a good one.

When we have new cameras installed at various locations, different people who will be monitoring them, need to have account set up in the software.

Our vendor, Frontrunner – who is selling Genetec software – did not even bother to set up our new users with the server necessary.  What?  They installed the thick client on our users computer, they also created a new partition on our server along with creating a new user group for the partition.  Our internal admin. Deb created new accounts for the people who would be monitoring the cameras and made then sign off on a piece of paper stating they would not use any of the images / video for bad reasons.  There was also a user account created for the people who would be backing up the main people who would be monitoring the new cameras.

Our vendor installed the client on the computers but did not bother connecting the client to the server…..Very odd.  Impersonal.  One of the ladies who was given  credentials to log into the thick client said something like

“I dont know how to use it, noone showed me anything”.  Well, ok – I guess we will do that.

This is from my manager type communication laison co-worker Shirley.

As a result of yesterday and today’s installation here’s some things I learned that may help things go more smoothly in the future  —

Before installation occurs, a meeting needs to occur with vendor, MTS staff and at least 1 local Security Desk Administrator (myself or James)
Purpose:  to discuss all that needs to happen for the install —
    – Hardware/equipment installation – what cabling, locations and ports will be required?
    – Security Desk installation –
         – Do new end-users need the “heavy client” or the web client? Do they need Config Tool or just Secuirty Desk?
          – Do end-user’s computers’ meet technical requirements for the “heavy client”?
          – Necessary changes to Config Tool’s architecture (esp. considering Partitions, User Groups) and who will make changes
          – If “heavy client” is required, who will install on end-user’s PC – vendor or a Security Desk Administrator?
          – Who will sit with end-users to show them the system?
    – What action steps can be done before the date of installation and who will do them? For example – identify end-users, setup Config Tool’s architecture.

And lastly, when to schedule the install so everyone necessary will be present at the time they are needed.”

She summed it up much better than I was trying to do – except, that it is very helpful to write things out in your own words – helps to internalize concepts and promote long term retention of subject matter, what?  That was a joke.

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