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New schoolworld – now Blackboard web site

October 23, 2014

We have a number of schoolWorld (which is now Blackboard).  We have a new site put this week.  We failed to provide a name and register the domain name, so our site ended up with a URL like this

We are working now on changing that to match the other sites we have up for our various organizations.  It will look like this, once we pay the name and register the domain name.

The other slightly interesting point is the newer templates that schoolWorld (Blackboard) provides.  I can see this while looking at the new site.  My colleague helped the champions by acting as a laison.  She worked with the content champions at Wayne and then translated that to schoolWorld (blackboard).  That again, is customer service.  What value are we adding to our service to our district entities.  How are we helping them to champion their web sites, the content in the web sites.


A couple champions of the site, cause each site needs these to remain relevant, have been identified, they championed for the site in the first place.  They have an idea to let their students add content to the site.  Great idea, the more people who contribute content to the site, the more people will take ownership and continue to feed the beast.  When the beast stops being fed, it becomes irrelevant and dies – a slow excruciating death.  I know, a little dramatic.

We could support the service (blackboard site) by helping the champions.  Listen to what they want to do and help them.  Help them get going.  This will probably look like creating a couple additional accounts for the students and giving the accounts access to the content that is to be updated/fed by the students.  We may even help with creation of the pages / accounts and assigning of permissions to them.  I could give permissions to one of the champions and simply let them figure things out, but that kind of service, well, sucks.

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