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Creating a teacher site on a Schoolworld instance

September 25, 2014

I had a voice mail this am from a new teacher at one of our tech and career centers.  The message was basically a request for a teacher site on the website.

These are the things I did creating a new teacher page for my customer

  1. Created a new staff account for the teacher
  2. Created the teacher page for the account
  3. shared the account and page details with the teacher.

details include

The public link of his new staff teacher page  http://www.sitename/webpages/teachername…/

How to find the public page via the home page of the web site.

How to find the staff login page

Look at the nice picture.  This link was not avail on the public web site, interestingly enough….


I did have to get his email initially from the voice mail message and contact him to verify that he was real and which website we were talking about.  He did mention the school name in his message and left email.

I went to the site, logged in as webmaster and created an account for him.

Once I had his account created,  I followed the teachersites link in the Staff Members Area, filtered and found his account – and clicked on his name and found the option to create the teachersite space.



With the page created, I needed to figure out how edit its content.  Using the account credentials created, I logged into the site teacherSites space here sitename/staff , and saw his admin area for the new page.


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