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Expanding the web accessible security cameras for a school district….

September 23, 2014

We had a high level meeting today to discuss how we could help our districts regarding web accessible cameras and security.  We have a solution for BOCES that is a good model that we expect will be utilized by some of our individual school districts.

High level recap:

We have 3 buildings within our BOCES umbrella that each have video cameras installed at various locations in the building.  Frontrunner is the business who sold us this hardware/software configuration.  We purchased a server/license etc and worked with a customer rep setting up the server.  The software used is called Genetec and has two clients.  A heavy client, that includes options for creating users and user groups for the local configuration.  The second client is web based – and only requires a password to access the cameras.  This is a nice solution, scalable, simple, accessible.

This is what we can offer our districts who may be compelled to follow.  We can help them by sharing our experience.

High level entities in a district scenario.

  • Frontrunner – selling them the hardware and software
  • Genetec installation of a heavy client
  • People needed by the district for this project
  • People(s) at the district who will work with the Genetec software setting up partitions, user group and users for their buildings
  • Person who will help name the building locations and matching cameras in the software.
  • People(s) who will be software admins and perform tasks like update passwords, update access to cameras, establish
  • Network person(s) to configure firewall settings
  • Maintenance person/ bldg supervisor to help name the camera/locations in the schema also to clean lenses and ensure cameras operational
  • Establish a policy of how often passwords get updated.  Advocate a minimalist approach regarding who needs access to the heavy client.  Push the web client – which is simpler, and less problematic.  Using the web client removes the requirement of installing the *heavy client, which requires a lot of 3rd party software (which is included in the client) and drive space.
  • Project coordinators from our side helping the districts determine what they need from Frontrunner

People in the district who are software admins as described would use the heavy client and would be installed on their local workstation.  There are two pieces in the heavy client.  1) Config tool 2) Security desk.  Installing the heavy client provides both pieces.  The Config tool is used to create partitions, user groups, users (including login credentials), the Security desk is used to monitor cameras and access video content for each camera.

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