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Genetec web camera software permission and stuff..

September 17, 2014

Request came in from Keith, “Can you set up so and so to access the cameras at location 1 and location 2”.

A quick check of my brain reminded me that in this software, I have a client called Config tool.  When I log into it, I can see the partitions available on our webserver (genetec web server actually).

User groups belong to partitions – users belong to user groups.  The *permissions are assigned to a user group.  So we simply need to create the account, and then add it to the existing user groups, one each of location 1 and 2.

High level steps to add someone so they can view cameras at their location(s)

1 – Launch the Config tool client, provided by Genetec

2 – Add a new account to the system

3 – Add the account to the existing User group

That’s it.

Nice, scalable and simplish.

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