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Trying to find if error message text is editable by me….

August 1, 2014

SchoolWorld web sites… Are ok, but the more I work in the interface, the more outdated it feels. Yesterday, my customer said, actually showed me some text that comes up when something happens. She asks if she could change the text of the message. Innocent enough. I spend about 2 hrs trying to find in the abyss of the schoolWorld web master interface, trying to find the text.

Eventually, I submitted a support request asking if I could change the text. About 1 hr later, I got the response.

“Sorry James, that text is generated by the system”. In other words, you cannot touch. I am still used to be judge, jury and executioner in our old framework that we designed and in moodle, where all the code, including error messages generated by the system are editable!

This is the module in question.

schoolworld calendar

This is the message wanting to be edited…

schoolworld calendar error messafge

The page where the calendar was embedded was located in the Site paragraphs from the Webpages – Site Content section.

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