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My laptop got upgraded from Windows xp to Windows 7

June 25, 2014

and so, i lost virtually everything on it.  In the process of putting some things back, I got to reinstall the Genetec heavy client.  This is NOT the web client, which does not require me to do anything, except create a bookmark to the site URL.

The heavy client, my customer calls it this, he is the rep from Genetec.  They write this big heavy, feature rich client that installs on the desktop locally.  Image that, a local installation of software.

It is 2.7 GB on the disk before it installs.  There are 2 components of it.

1 – Genetec Security Center 5.2 – SecurityDesk.exe

2 – Genetec Config tool – ConfigTool.exe

This software stores lots of data on disk and needs lots of other software to be installed with it so it all works.  Another way to say that is the heavy client has a lot of dependencies on other software to do it job.  The other software come part of the “install” program – that is over 2.7 GB.

Other softwareware installed by the program include:

MS SQL server 2008

MS CCR and DSS runtime

Visual C++ 2005, 08,10. (3 versions)

WinPcap – packete capture and Network analysis…

Lots of Windows stuff.

Anyway – the install went pretty smooth.  After the install, I had to specify the location of the master server and provided my login credentials and was in business.

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