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Assigning more rights to an account in a schoolworld module

June 4, 2014

Nothing too exciting, Just a common *esque question.

One of my customers says “So and so is retiring and I will be responsible for editing stuff that she has created.”

After logging into the admin area, I pulled up the account of person A – who sent the request and person B who is retiring.

My expectation was that I would find some editing right/permission for person B that did not exist for person A.

I was close.

Specifically, the request was for a form(s) that person B had access to that person A did not. At least not that person A could see.

I noticed in the Form module, there is a more granular option that allows the account to edit and see its own stuff and well as an option to edit / see other peoples form entities.

This is the relevant admin area.  Notice the radio button All Forms is now selected.  It was set to Own Forms.


Changing the radio option here should provide access for person A to see person B’s forms.

The other common schoolworld modules that share this type of permission model are

  • Forms
  • Calendar
  • News


I can edit an account and give it more or less access to other peoples forms, news posts and calendar posts.

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