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SchoolWorld (blackboard notifications)

June 3, 2014

Not too exiting, but important to understand, as it could happen again.

When the webmaster account is logged into, SchoolWorld pushed information.  This information will probably cause confusion among the webmaster accounts. (people).   We have 10 schoolworld instances.  When one of our many webmasters (10 sites * 5 webmasters per site) log in they see the following message.


We decided to push a message to them (webmasters) proactively to ignore it.

How to push message upon login to webmaster accounts.

Login as ourselves in the site admin, then choose Login Messages from the Web Master Admins Only


There, we added a brief message saying to ignore the message showed above.

Now, when I log into one of the schoolwork sites, since I am a webmaster, I see the message we added.


A preemptive strike. 

We will need to turn this message off at some point in the next week or so.

Also worth noting is that the schoolwork generated message only shows up once.  The next time the account is logged into , the message does not display, it has stored with it a “isreadyet” toggle/bit.  The admin message that we added shows up until we turn it off.

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