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How I created windows readable video clips….

June 3, 2014

Yea software when it works right the first time you try it.  AND its intuitive enough to allow you to find the feature in the first place, quickly.

My customer, a high level admin. in our organization, walked into my office the other day and said

“James, I need something, perhaps you can help?”  There was a crime committed on our campus and we had found on the security camera the time when it happened.  We need to export the video and provide to the local police department.”

Keith provided the data and time and which camera had captured the action.  One of my collegues must have sat and watched the tape for awhile to spot the exact time.

I was, in 30 minutes, able to find and export in a windows playable format, two separate 2 minute video clips.  Keith said “perfect” when I sent them to him.  One each for two different cameras.

Steps I took to find and export the video

  1. In the heavy client (Security Desk) I logged in
  2. I choose the camera, adding it to the grid
  3. Selected the view in the grid
  4. Using the Panel on the right, choose the clock icon “go to a specific time”
  5. Choose the Month and then the date (there was a bookmark created at the spot)
  6. Choose the Export Video icon
  7. Choose to Export from the select tile (grid)
  8. Choose the export format (default) of g64
  9. Choose the Copy the Portable Archive Player to the export folder.
  10. Choose Create an autorun file.
  11. The video exported to a new folder at the root of my C drive with the date/time in the file name and a .g64 extension.
  12. I double clicked the file and it loaded in the heavy client Security Desk
  13. A new export option now existed saying “convert files to ASF“.


Upon selected the path and clicking OK


The final result was a Windows compatible 2 minute long, 2.3 MB size video clip.  That upon loading, comes up in the Windows Media Player





Specified the Start and end times (choosing a 2 minute interval)


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