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Genetec web camera video reviewing

May 8, 2014

Our tech guys installed security cameras at a couple of our BOCES tech centers.  The people there, the admin. mainly, are now wanting to use the video camera footage to try to spot something that happened last week.

This seems like the right use of the recorded video age.  The center in question has about 10 cameras set up.  They have been up fore a few months now.

There are two *clients that can be used to view existing video footage.

There is what I will call the *heavy client, that only a couple people have installed, and then there is the lighter cousin, the web client.

I took a minimalist approach here.  Meaning we did not install the *heavy client at the customer site.  They admin. at the school only have access to the lighter web client.  Start simple, give out only what is necessary.  If a case arises where the customer needs more, then, consider installing the client at their location.

Other reasons to NOT install the client at the customer site

  • Its bulky – im memory
  • Its big – disk space
  • It would then have to be updated.
  • Its probably more confusing and powerful

Our customer called and said “I want to see a sequence of video from friday 5/2 from 2 pm until midnight.

OK. My customer contacts me and says “how do I access footage from …..”.  I explained to him that he probably wants to use the heavy client that I installed for him, it has more features for viewing playback like this.  Since my client is a high level admin. where I work, I went down to his office to log into the heavy client and show his around a bit.

In a nutshell, I showed him how to add a camera view to the grid and then how to pull up the calendar, which allowed us to choose a day and time in which to view video.  Once the video from that day was on the camera, I showed him how to make a bookmark, for easy return, and how to speed up the playback and zoom the camera.

In the security desk, I did have to tweak my customers connection parameter/directory, a one time change, it changed after the initial install of the heavy client.


I was able to pull up the footage from the web client almost easier than using the heavy client….go figure.  I just tested this today.  A few days after working with my customer.

I will send him this text in a message.

“Keith, I was able to access specific video footage from our day in question using the web client.  I logged into the web client as your customer and was able to add the camera to the grid and using the Dashboard, choose the date and time and pull up the desired time frame.”


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