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Maintaining web content on Blackboard, formally SchoolWorld

April 2, 2014

I know, not too exciting, but part of the job.  Writing helps me to process, categorize and remember.  If I want the concept to come along with me, if I want the solution to stick, writing helps.  If I want to increase the understanding of what I just did, discovered, broke or fixes, writing helps me internalize and remember.

My customer said, “James can you update so and so document with this new one?”  I had to poke around a bit on the site, I did not even know for sure which instance it was, we have about 10.  Once I had the instance, I set about finding in the instance (site) where this document was located.  Once I found the page, I had to find out how the file was uploaded or associated with the page.  Could be the file was uploaded to the page, or the file could have been uploaded to the site or site file cabinet.  Turns out to be the former.  Which is fine, since I dont think the file would be used anywhere else.  In that case, uploading to the page makes sense.  If the file were going to be referenced from multiple locations on the site, then the file should be uploaded or associated with the more generic location of the file cabinet.  Then in the file cabinet, make a not in the file description about where the file is used or referenced.

I know, not exactly riveting stuff!….but, it is part of the job that pays me well and is setting me up for a nice retirement.

In the end, I realized that my coworker had done a couple things to confuse the issue a bit, but the confusion almost always ends up as learning, learning that sticks, especially if there was some pain associated with the learn.

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