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Overview of Digital Storefront

March 5, 2014

In my job, we support many products in the interest of our school districts, they are, after all, our primary customer. I was pulled into a meeting yesterday to support a new product we are offering called Digital Storefront.

This is a 3rd party product that that will have a web based interface (like most things these days) and integrate with our very nice and expensive print shop located here at BOCES in Newark.

The product will streamline billing and notifications of services offered via our print shop. I don’t know much about the specifics of what our print shop offers, but a guess would look something like this. Our print services are available to any of our 25 component school districts and to many of the internal departments here at BOCES. An example of an external school district would be Canandaigua Academy. An example of a internal department would be Staff Development. Lots of entities need to print things and that is a service that we offer to our customers.

Now we are the customer of Digital Storefront.

Things that seems to matter from our initial meeting.

There will be a series of *trainings avail. to use, or people in our BOCES who will be supporting this product. They look like this:

  1. Storefront configuration – Initial overview/view of generic implementation of the interface. Adding branding/images, setting the look of the instance. I will link to this later…
    Platform configuration – Site settings/environmental settings (this is relevant to my role) . Something like how long does a customer session last in the web browser.
    Security configuration – Policies – setting password policies (relevant to me again)
    Product configuration – there are the things our customers will interact with. There should be a lot of these. Like, “Print a training catalog” or “Print a policy manual”.
    Pricing configuration
    Ecommerce configuration – how do customers interact with the products…
    Job management – how to handle the que of requested products…

These seems very logical to me. Others things that were very familiar is the concepts of Roles, accounts, permissions, security. These concepts are very similar to the ones I work with in Moodle and SchoolWorld and Genetec systems. Each of these systems or applications uses the same concepts to handle users who interact with the systems.

On-line web systems have

  • users
    notifications (push)

The application of the system is what is different. The entities that interact on the system are very similar. Get it?!

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