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Genetec learnings

February 6, 2014

There is one master server which houses all the partitions.

Think partitions.  Partitions have user groups, user groups have users.  The security / access to the cameras is based on an account that has permission about what it can view and what it makes avail. to the person.  That security/permission is part of the user group, not the individual.

We have two partitions, FLTCC and WTCC  Each partition then has groups that are added to it.  Groups have accounts added to it.



  User Groups

    User accounts

Partitions have groups, groups have accounts.  Apply the permissions to the group and add the user accounts to the groups.  Each member in the group have exaclty the same permissions and access to features.  If a user needs a different set of access or features, then we create a new user group, apply those permissions to that group and add the user to that group.

This model produces a shallow architecure of groups and users.  Meaning a mile wide and and inch deep.  Get it?  No group should have too many users.

The software has a heavy client which is installed on the users local computer.  This is used by a few internal staff and is more feature rich.  Most of our customers, people who want to view and access camera footage history, will use the web client.  This makes much sense, since the web client does not require us to install the heavy client (400 MB) and 30 minutes with configurations necessary on the installing computer.  KISS

Our Initial process for setting up accounts

When a request is made to give someone access to the cameras, our questions/process is this

Which cameras do they need to see (which partition)

Is there any other functionaity they need (we say no initially – take the minimalist appoach – YAGNI)

Is there a user group that we can put their account into?

If not, then create a new user group, using the Security module of the heavy client

Create the user account, using the first initial, lastname model and assign the initial password.

Our partitions



Our User Groups


We have established a KISS policy regarding passwords and usernames.  We are NOT going to allow users to update passwords, we will set these and when necessary, reset them.  We are creating some shared accounts, this is also an attempt to KISS. 

There are limitations to the # on connections.  Only 5 accounts can be logged into the heavy client, which is no problem, since we only have 4 installed.  Only 5 accounts can be logged into the server via the web client too.  This suprised me a bit.  We may have to purchase a few more lisenses OR see if its a problem.  I am not sure how many of our 20 users who *could be using the web client at one time will actually try.  We shall see.

In the heavy client, that I am using, there are two distinct components:

The Security Desk (tool for monitoring cameras and setting camera/server related tasks)

The Config Tool (used to create partitions, groups, users)

Now that we have some users, we have some questions….

1. Is there a way to add the building schematics WITH camera locations to the Security Desk? I read something about a plug-in (Plan Mapper?). Is that available and what would be the cost? We don’t need a quote at this point, just a ballpark figure. In the meantime we will be working to more clearly identify the camera names.

2. Using Security Desk and when viewing Playback, a user gets a  “timeline” at bottom of the camera view showing green areas when there was movement. Is this available in the web client? Is so, Is there a privilege needed so that web client users can see the recording timeline?

3. I think I understand that each camera has 4 views that can show various angles of that same camera. Are the “Non-recorded views” some of those angled views?
In doing some system exploring, I found in Video Archiver that there are IP addresses linked to multiple cameras. When we’re looking at the “Non-recorded views it would be nice to identify those views with meaningful names (such as FLTCC South Parking Lot, etc.)
How can we go about identifying those non-recorded views?

4. Have you found the way to rid the wtcccamera choice from the select list presented when switching (and passing your login information) back or forth between Config Tool – Security Desk?
If we are seeing more user features in Security Desk (the desktop client) than the web client, we may end up needing to install the desktop client on at least the Principal’s computers in FLTCC and WTCC. This would be more user-friendly if the login was passed only via the IP address.

The response from our contact at Genetec.

1)      Plan manager is an option;  It’s available for the full client, not the WebClient. Its also unfortunately very expensive for a system your size ($7000).

2) There is no Timeline in the WebClient. To view recorded video, they can open a camera and click on the clock button (circled in red):

3)The Non-recorded views are redundant to the other 4 views that are in the standard view (and being recorded). You can go into the Config Tool -> Logical view, scroll to those cameras, and right click on the camera and rename.

4)Here are the instructions to remove those items:





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