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SchoolWorld internal policies

January 16, 2014

After talking with my colleague, these are a few policies that I should know about.

We renew our lisense each year with each of our instances. 

New templates are avail. for use to choose from for a fee.

Additional teacher sites can be purchased for an instance, for a fee.

Schoolword is a subsideary or BlackBoard |Edline.

Schoolworld was purchased by Edline, this is one of their services.

Their code base is written in cfm.  Cool.

We purchased a 2 hr training, conducted on-line using the phone and some other software that we logged into and could see the trainers screen.  They used one of our sites as the training example.  The technology worked well, the training content was ok.  The trainer, Meghan McCoon was decent.  She did go an extra 40 minutes.  the total cost was 600.  shirley and I both logged into the 3rd party software and could ask questions in the software, good collaborative software, but we also dialed into a number where were were on a 3 way conference call.  This is probably standard protocol for training these days.  Gone are the days of traveling to a city, and sitting butts in the seats.

Copies of the renewed contracts go also to our E-rate staff, Mellisa and Patty.

If one of our customers wants to purchase a new template, teachsite or someother service from schoolword, they would contact me and a SAA would be used to purchase. Bla Bla Bla….


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