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Genetec security cameras

December 12, 2013

I installed the *heavy client (3 GB worth) of data onto one of my colleagues computers today (keith).  The software has 2 main areas.  a configuration area, that only a few people should have permission to and a control center which almost everyone has access to.
Talking and listening to keith today I learned about why our organization is using these cameras and a little history about problems at each of the campuses.  We have two campuses where we have a lot of students (k-12) attempting classes.  BOCES is a state funded entity that creates and offers courses and programs to non-traditional students.  And there are a lot of those!

One of my keiths first observations once I had his software set up was that a couple of the old cameras that are on line where dirty and out of focus.  He will need one of his maintenance guys to go to the camera and manually focus it, while he or someone is on the software looking at the image to coordinate that….I thought that interesting.

We have plans (there are in bid) to add security cameras to the building where I am located.  We have some students, Nursing who come to our campus for their courses.  We will not be getting the same # of cameras that the other two buildings are getting, but a few.  That may be through a different vendor.  More to follow on that.

What can I do while trying to learn the software, requirements, players, history etc.  Listen!  And them listen some more and blog about what I am hearing.  Ask lots of questions to people who have been involved in this process.

I did get the names of principals at each of the buildings where we cameras are already installed, but not fully wired or ready to go.  I need to come up with a more specific naming schema for each of the cameras.  I should meet with the principals and have them tell me the *logical names of the cameras.  This is important for the law enforcement agencies that will be monitoring the cameras.

Most of our users will be using the Web client, not the heavy client to access the cameras.  That means most of my work is done up front, meaning I create the security/permissions and accounts that people use to log into the web client. 

If there are problems in the web client, they will forward to me, and I can use Sean as my POC from Genetec. 

As we move along, become more mature in our use of the system, my customers (the law enforcement agencies) will become more sophisticated and I will edit the permissions, granting new capabilities to their user groups, not the individual accounts.

If an individual decides they need more capability, then I would create a new user group and build that capability on it and then add the new user account to the user group.

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