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groups users permissions and genetec software

December 11, 2013

Genetec, our vendor who writes and supports the software that monitors our camera security in a couple locations.  My contact is Sean.  After spending a few hrs yesterday trying to figure out the software and what we were doing, Sean came by today to help clear things up.

These are the best practices established with his help.

Create user groups first.

User groups are the entity to build your permissions model around.

The user groups are the heavy hitters.

Add individual accounts to the user group already created.

Spend your time adding the security, the way you want it, not for the individual account, but for the group the account will exist in.  I will say that again.  Spend the time creating the security and permissions desired for the user group, not the individual account.

Add the account to the user group.

If a user needs different permissions, then create a new user group with the permissions and add the user account to it.

Think wide and shallow, not narrow and deep.  In other words, think many user groups with a few users in each group, NOT a few groups with many users in each.

Do not use permissions templates on individual accounts.

Set the permissions on a user group and use that group as your blue print, or base class.

Duplicate the user group and make changes to the copies of the group.

When creating accounts, allow the default selections, including adding to the public partition.

Download the Security Center Mobile app – for folks who want to monitor the camera from a mobile device.  good for IOS, android….and is free.

After creating the user group and its permissions, look at the security tab, change the time to unlimited.  Recorded camera content gets recycled after 30 days.  then look at properites and then partitions.

Add the top level partition to the user group and then accepting users, which is a group that you are adding.  Remove the individuals from the partition.  Only add user groups to the partition, not individual accounts.  Again, the user group is the main entity to use as both the holder of accounts and the entity which exists in a partition.

Practice, practice, practice…..

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