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Supporting our new vendor security system….

December 5, 2013

A new camera security system has been purchased by my employer and I will be the primary on its technical support.  First and foremost, this system should not require too much of my time, but I will need to know how it is set up, troubleshoot and administer rights to different accounts.   The vendor who we purchased the hardware (cameras) and service from is called Genetec.  Look at

We have a couple centers in our organization where high school students attend the building at regular intervals, hence the need to put security cameras in different locations.  The software is avail. two ways.  Within our firewall there is a client program that we install on the person who wishes to monitor the cameras.  This would be a couple people.  Option 2 is a web client, that does not need to be installed on the computer.  This is for customers outside of our firewall.  I think the second group of customers are police, perhaps school administrators SRO’s and other agencies who care about this.  They will use cameras to view shenenigans….

My colleague, who is retiring in 6 months is heading this up at the moment.  She has signed up fora technical assistance newsletter (which my enthusiam is about a 1 on a scale of 5), to see if anything useful appears here.  My experience says, “nope, nothing useful here, for any useful piece of information that may appear, it will certainly be lost in a canopy of sales propaganda….”

The gentec online tech ass portal at,

We have a guy names Sean Patton, who is our POC for the company who supports/builds the software.  The software company is called front runner networks.  Sean is the guy who gave my colleague a training session on how to install, configure etc the client and web client for the camera system (genetec).

  • Genetec (hardware security cameras)
  • Front runner network FRN (software company)
  • Sean Patton – POC for FRN

We have another internal person named Deb G who will be responsible for adding new users to the system and initial training session on how to use…..My colleague, Shirley and I will be responsible for setting up user account hierarchy (whatever that means).  Probably means establishing what the account names and passwords should be…Shirley may set up a brief cheat sheet for Deb G to use.

A couple technical points from Shirley training with Sean Patton

there is a limit of 5 people that can log into the internal client software.

there is no limit on the web client (makes sense, it is a web interface – this is where our customers – police, SROs, administrators )

system with installed client needed to be at 2GB RAM (this is video processing)

There is an App avail. for mobile devices that does allow camera viewing from portable device.  Which better also handle image processing and have a lot of avail. memory.



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