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MS Access and its stupid trust center settings

June 4, 2013

When I open my MS access 2007 DB, I get greeted by a prompt that requires we to Trust a macro running in the database. I am not sure why it thinks it not trustworthy, but its a little inconvient to have to enable the macro each time I load the DB. I tried to persist the setting by saying always trust the content, which worked great when I loaded the DB the next time, EXCEPT, the macro did not run nor did the application prompt me to allow or enable it. Stupid, stupid. Now I get it, its probably me not understanding the options correctly, but ….

I had to find the Trust Center contents again so I could enable the prompting again….. which I did and all is fine, except I still have to allow the macro to run each time I open the DB.

On another note. I tried to load the same DB from my tower when I already had it open on my laptop. Initially, it just sat there. I thought, do you have access loaded on the tower? Of course I do, its part of the annoying MS suit. Why would it not load? I tried a second time and same thing, no load. Then I realized, this is not MS SQL or MySQL or a large scale enterprise wide application. this is little ole access running on a single workstation. At least that is the expectation. The application can only run a single thread or user. Clearly, it is not allowing two open sessions at once on the DB. I guess that makes sense when I think about it. It would be nice if access prompted me and said something like, “there is already a session open on this DB, can only have a single session, close the other” or something like that.

Finding the Trust Center option.

BTW, I found the options by clicking on the MS office icon (the main icon for file operations) and in the footer of the dialog was the Access options link, which brought up the trust center settings.


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