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Keeping track of updates to the access application

June 4, 2013

Now that I am making regular updates to the code of this DB.  I need to identify an intelligent way to track and manage the changes.  A quick recap.  This application has two DBs.  One stores the code, the other stores the tables/data.  I think it a good design.  I am updating the code DB, not the data.

I have made several updates / fixes to the code and have been renaming the code DB appending the date to the end of the file name, like this:




After I make an update, and my customer agrees, I change the properties of the shortcut on their desktops.  They have 2 workstations where they use the application from.  Each has a shortcut on its desktop that points to the code DB that is stored on a network server.

As I discovered this am, only one of the workstations can have the application open at a time.

After I make a new update, I move the old version into a folder called estecDBs. This way, I have all the old DBs on the network still and could go back to a previous *build if necessary.

I also keep a document synched with the updates that says what was changed on each update. I store that document in the same folder as the old dbs.


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